Tertiary Education Loans Scheme (TELS)

Tertiary Education Loans Scheme (“TELS”) is a fund intended to provide finance to Fijian students who have qualified for higher education at approved institutions in a TSLS eligible program but are unable to support themselves financially.
The Scheme provides student’s zero or low interest loans to eligible Fijians to enable them access to local Higher Education, in line with the Fijian Government’s vision of “Building a Smarter Fiji". TELS funding is restricted for up to the first Bachelor's Degree.

For the new financial year (1 August 2021-31 July 2022), a maximum of 7000 students will be funded under the following TELS Schemes. The quota are as follows:

All other TELS categories – 2000
TELS for TVET at the Fiji National University - 5000
Programs not Funded under TELS for 2022
The following are not funded under any of the TELS Schemes:
  1. Overseas Studies.
  2. Foundation Studies.
  3. Unclassified/Undergraduate Programs.
  4. Short Courses.
  5. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).
  6. Bachelor or Oral Health.
  7. Bachelor of Oral Health and Dental Surgery.
  8. Programs not attracting sufficient cross credits for the next level of studies in the same program. This includes but is not limited to Pacific TAFE programs (Early Childhood program offered by Pacific TAFE is eligible for TELS funding).
  9. Post Graduate Qualifications.
  10. Franchise programs.
  11. Double Degrees.
  12. Pilot Training.
  13. Upgrade of qualification.
  14. Any programs or institutions not listed in the drop-down menu of the TSLS Online Application System.
  15. Professional Accreditation Courses e.g., FIA, CPA, CISCO etc.; and
  16. Program not registered/accredited with Fiji Higher Education Commission.
Eligible Higher Education Institutions for TELS
  1. University of Fiji.
  2. Fiji National University.
  3. The University of the South Pacific.
  4. Corpus Christi Teachers College.
  5. Fulton University College.
  6. Sangam Institute of Nursing.
  7. Centre for Applied Technology and Development.
  8. Pacific Flying School-Pilot Training.
  9. Advanced Aviation Training-Pilot Training.
Categories of Loan Scheme Available for 2022
Currently there are 6 categories of TELS as follows with each category having its own eligibility criteria for application:

  1. TELS for New Students.
  2. TELS for Existing Tertiary Students.
  3. TELS for TVET at the Fiji National University.
  4. TELS for Public Sector Employees.
  5. TELS for Private Sector Employees.
  6. TELS Accommodation Support Scheme.
Interest Rates
Applicable interest rates on all TELS borrowing is dependent on the combined parents/guardians/self-annual income of the applicant. The current interest rates for borrowing under TELS are as follows:

Combined Family Income per annum (FJD) Interest Rate (%)  
Up to $25,000  0
$25001- $50,000 0.5
$50,001 - $100,000 1
Above $100,000 2

TELS Loan Repayment
Under the new policy announced in the 2018/2019 budget, students do not necessarily have to pay back the full amount borrowed for their studies. Students can avoid paying the full amount that they have borrowed by taking advantage of the Fijian Government's new TELS Accelerated Repayment Incentive (“ARI”) as announced in the 2018/2019 national budget.
TELS Accelerated Repayment Incentive is a heavily incentivized repayment scheme for TELS recipients who settle their loans early. Depending on the total amount owed, the length of time taken post-graduation and getting into paid employment, the scheme provides an opportunity for TELS recipients to have a significant portion of their student debt waived off by the Fijian Government.
TELS Accelerated Repayment Incentives are set in three steps, affording 10%, 25% and 50% discounts on the amount of the loan. ARI steps are determined based on the student’s total debt and how quickly their discounted portion of the loan is settled after their first day of employment post-graduation.
For example, if you are a new graduate with a student debt of less than $20,000 and settle 50% of the loan balance in less than 2 years, you will be entitled to a waiver of 50% (i.e., $10,000).
The following rates of repayments and discounts apply:

Total Debt Level (Upon Graduation) Discount applicable at various repayment periods
50% 25% 10%
Less than $20,000 < 2 years 2-4 years 4-6 years
$20,000-$49,999 < 3 years 3-6 years 6-8 years
$50,000-$99,999 < 4 years 4-8 years 8-10 years
$100,000 plus < 5 years 5-10 years 10-12 years


All repayments are to be made to Fiji Revenue and Customs Services.

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