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41. What happens if I want to terminate my bond after working for some period in Fiji?

42. Do I require guarantors for signing the bond for NTS Local award?

43. Do I require guarantors for signing the bond for NTS Overseas award? (Suspended from 2021 till further notice!!!)

44. What happens if I submit any false information to TSLS or FRCS?

45. When does the application for NTS open? When does it close?

46. How do I apply for NTS?

47. Can I apply without my Year 13 results and Offer letter from the institutions as Year 13 results are only released in December while Offer letters may be received after the closing date of 31st December each year?

48. Can I attach my provisional offer letter from the institution for my TSLS application?

49. How would I be notified the outcome of my NTS application?

50. What happens if my application for NTS has not been successful?

51. How do I fill the bond form and offer letter if I have received the provisional offer letter?

52. How much time do I have to complete the bond form and offer letter and submit the same to TSLS?

53. When and how is my NTS award confirmed?

54. What should I do after I have received the award confirmation letter from TSLS?

55. Will my tuition and allowances be paid if I have been given the award offer by TSLS but have not returned the signed offer letter and bond form to TSLS?

56. What are my requirements after I have completed my program of studies?

57. How do I notify TSLS of any changes that I wish to make to my personal, academic and finance details with TSLS?

58. What should I do if I am facing issues that is affecting my academic progress or I am struggling to cope up with my studies?

59. What is the “Zoning policy”? Does it apply to NTS applicants?

60. Can I work part-time while being on NTS scholarship?

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