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41. What does either a change in program/major/minor /institution only once during the period of sponsorship mean?

42. How can I apply for either a change in program/major/minor or institution once during the award duration?

43. When will the allowances for each new academic term be paid?

44. How are the allowances calculated and paid?

45. How is the Load Factor for each academic term calculated?

46. Which courses that I have enrolled for are excluded from the Load Factor calculation by TSLS to determine the amount of allowances I will receive per academic term?

47. How many weeks’ allowances am I paid for each academic term for my higher education institution?

48. What are the maximum allowances payable to me at various load factors under the loan scheme?

49. How do I redeem my E-Ticket card so that I can start utilizing my bus fare allowance?

50. What should I do if I have lost my E-Ticket card after redeeming the funds transferred by TSLS?

51. What should I do if I have lost my E-Ticket Card before redeeming the bus fare allowance transferred by TSLS?

52. What is my responsibility in relation to the M-Paisa/Bank account details I have submitted to TSLS for the receipt of my allowances other than the bus fare allowance?

53. Am I eligible for an Extension of the Award?

54. What is the maximum extension period that I may be granted?

55. Will I be paid allowances for any period of extension?

56. Can my TELS be suspended or terminated.

57. Can I repeat any courses under TELS?

58. How will my academic progress be monitored and evaluated by TSLS?

59. What happens if I fail to meet the academic requirements as per the terms and conditions of my award?

60. Can I travel overseas during my studies and bond service period?

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