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81. What should I do if I am facing issues that are affecting my academic progress or I am struggling to cope up with my studies?

82. Can I work part-time while being on TELS as a full-time student? (Apart from the Employees Schemes)

83. Can I postpone/defer my TELS?

84. What happens to my TELS if I am either suspended or terminated by the university?

85. Can I withdraw late from the course(s)/unit(s)? That is after the normal withdrawal period of my Institution without any withdrawal penalty?

86. What happened if my allowances have been overpaid by TSLS due to certain issues or if my tuition for an ineligible course has been wrongly tagged?

87. Will TSLS release any information about me to any other person /authority not authorized by law?

88. How can I access my TSLS Account Statement to find out how much I owe to the Fijian Government?

89. How to contact TSLS should I have any queries or concerns about the Tertiary Education Loans Scheme?

90. Is it mandatory to get vaccinated in order to be sponsored.

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