Masters & PhDs by Research Scheme

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant must:

  1. be a Fiji citizen.
  2. be ordinarily resident in Fiji for at least three (3) years before the award commencement date unless determined by the Board or delegated authority on case-by-case basis.
  3. be enrolled for full time studies by research and not be engaging in any form of employment.
  4. not be an existing student enrolled for a PhD or Masters programme by research.
  5. secure a candidature confirmation letter in one of the local eligible Universities or at an eligible New Zealand University.
  6. not be an existing TSLS sponsored/funded student or sponsored through any other agency. 

Eligible Higher Education Institutions

  1. Auckland University of Technology.
  2. Fiji National University.
  3. Massey University.
  4. The University of Auckland.
  5. The University of the South Pacific.
  6. University of Fiji.
  7. Victoria University of Wellington
  8. University of Waikato
  9. University of Canterbury

Scheme Priority Disciplines

  1. Medical & Health Services.
  2. Engineering Services.
  3. Climate Change / Environmental Science.
  4. Marine Science
  5. Forestry.
  6. Public Policy and Analysis.
  7. Economic Modelling and Policies.
  8. Public Financing.
  9. Information Technology Services.
  10. Any Social Science discipline.
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