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TSLS Learning Support Services

The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Services Learning Support Services has been established to provide care and support to our Existing/Prospective sponsored and funded students in terms of academic performance, mental health and well-being.  TSLS acknowledges that during their strenuous academic journey, students are often faced with many emotional and psychological challenges and thus aims at providing the necessary academic care and support where necessary to help students excel at their studies.

Vision of the Learning Support Services at TSLS

The vision for the TSLS Learning Support department stands to ensure that every student who reaches out for help, or is struggling academically-must get the help that they deserve! The sessions that are run by the department are prepared by experts in the area and aims to deliver the sessions with utmost professionalism.

Using the most reputed and sustainable theoretical practices, the TSLS Learning support department aims to ensure that no student is left behind, particularly when it comes to excelling at their academic work, and that mental health is given the priority it so desperately deserves in these crucial times.

Goals of the Learning Support Services at TSLS

The following goals govern the Learning Support services at TSLS:

  • Provide quality, professionally-delivered academic learning support to the both current and prospective sponsored/funded students.
  • Promote intervention methods to support students in dilemma, consequently, contributing to student retention and successful program completion rates.
  • Create accessibility to counseling and support in situations which warrant extra student support through student motivational videos, creative notices, or interactive emails.
  • Promote an environment of personal safety and respect, with confidentiality as a priority.
  • Promote Positive Mental Health- The Learning support services are centered around the believe that good mental health is the cornerstone of personal, academic, and career success.

Upcoming Learning Support Sessions

DateTimeTitleSub-TitleZoom Link
Week 417-Aug-2311.00-12.00pmAllowance Managment“Balancing your money is the key to having enough” (Elizabeth Warren)   Allowance Management Tips for the SemesterClick Here
Week 526/08/2023 (Saturday)5.00-6.00pmWriting Assignments (From Planning to Submission)Let’s discuss how to write ‘quality’ assignmentsClick Here
Week 629-Aug-2311.00-12.00pmTime Managment“Either run the day or the day runs you!” (Jim Rohn)   This week, we discuss the importance of time management!Click Here
Week 707-Sep-2311.00-12.00pmPreparing for Mid-Semester Tests“Before anything else, preparing is the key to success” (Alexander Bell)Click Here
Table of Upcoming Learning Support Sessions

Motivational Quotes

Motivational Videos

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