In Service Study Loan Scheme

In Service Study Loan Scheme

Study Loan

  • Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligible Higher Education Institutions

  • Scheme Priority Disciplines

Scheme Details

Study Loan for In-Service Scheme (100 Study Loans).

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant must:

  • Be a Fiji citizen.
  • Be ordinarily resident in Fiji for at least three (3) years before the award commencement date unless determined by the Board or delegated authority on a case-by-case basis.
  • Be in employment/evidence of self-employment in business at the time of application and remain in employment during the course of studies unless on leave with or without pay.
  • Be seeking to attain a first higher education academic qualification or upgrade an existing qualification (same area) only if the earlier qualification was not funded by TSLS up to the first bachelor’s degree.
  • Provide a support letter from the employer on the identified areas of employment.
  • Secure a place at an eligible institution by means of a final offer letter.
  • Be paid tuition only.
  • Eligible Tertiary Education Institutions

  • Corpus Christi Teachers College
  • Fiji National University
  • Fulton Adventist University College
  • Sangam Institute of Technology
  • The University of the South Pacific
  • University of Fiji
  • Scheme Priority Disciplines

  • Engineering Services
  • Medicine & Health Services
  • Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries
  • Information Technology Services
  • Social Works
  • Science and Innovation
  • Land/Town Planning
  • Business and Commerce
  • Education
  • Arts
  • Hotel and Tourism
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