You Apply

How can I have access to the TSLS New Schemes and the eligibility criteria?

Full details of the Schemes and the Eligibility Criteria are published in the TSLS Community Awareness Handbook available on TSLS website (www.tsls.com.fj).

Getting Funded

How can I apply and get feedback on my application from TSLS?

Application open prior to the commencement of each academic year and all applications are to be done using the TSLS Online Application Portal. Applications will be assessed online, and outcome will be sent using the TSLS Online Application Portal.

When does my name get placed in the Immigration Controversial listing?

Upon issuance of the confirmation letter from TSLS for the approved award or funding.

Do I need to notify my award or funding confirmation to the eligible institution?

Yes you can, however TSLS also sends the list of confirmed students to the respective institutions each academic term.


When will I receive my Allowance?

Once confirmed for the award or funding you need to enrol early so that your name is submitted in the enrolment report. Always enrol for full academic load otherwise allowances will be paid on pro-rata-basis. Allowances will be paid in one or more batches.

How will my Tuition get paid?

The Institution will send the invoices to TSLS and then TSLS will pay the Institution directly. You don’t need to send your invoice to TSLS.

Will TSLS make direct payment on Hostel Accommodations?

TSLS will no longer be paying Hostel Accommodation directly to the Institutions. Students approved for “Away Campus” allowances will get the allowances in their nominated account and same to be utilized for direct payments by the student to the Institution.


Can I get my details updated with TSLS?

Post confirmation of the award or funding you can fill the Update of Personal and Allowance Details “Form TSLS 01” available on TSLS website www.tsls.com.fj and get your details updated with TSLS.

If I do not wish to serve my TSLS bond, will I be required to pay?

Yes, if you do not wish to serve your TSLS bond then you will be required to repay the total amount stipulated towards your studies.

Does TSLS provide Learning and Support Services?

Yes we do provide learning and support services. These include:

  • Weekly Learning Support Sessions.
  • Personal Counseling Support.
  • Follow us on our social media pages for details or contact our Manager Learning and Support Services on mkumar@tsls.com.fj.

    Does TSLS disclose any information of a sponsored student to a third party?

    Strictly TSLS will not disclose any information to a third party in compliance with the “Third Party Disclosure Policy”.

    What platforms are available to access all important information and dates for TSLS?

    TSLS can be widely reached as follows:

  • Website on tsls.com.fj
  • Facebook Page
  • Viber Community Group
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • How can I contact TSLS?

    TSLS can be contacted be follows:

    • Live Chat on tsls.com.fj.
    • Email on mytsls@tsls.com.fj.
    • Call on 8921240.
    • Visit us at any of our below offices:
      • Level 1, Unit 36-37, Garden City Complex, Raiwai., Suva.
      • 3rd Floor Tikina House, Labasa.
      • Ground Floor, Rogorogoivuda House, Lautoka.