Preparing for Exams

Tips for Before Exam

  • Make sure you know date time and venue for your exams
  • Get your pencil case with resources ready a day earlier before your 1st paper
  • Try to eat and sleep well a night before the papers
  • Try to arrive 15 mins before at the exam venue so that you are not late and frustrated
  • Avoid conversations outside the exam hall that divert your mind. Use that time to warm up your mind for the paper.

Tips for during the Exam

  • In your reading time, skim through the paper and in your mind cluster your answers and ideas.
  • Read the instructions carefully to see which questions need short answers, which need illustrations, which need essays etc.
  • Never panic that the paper is lengthy, papers are made in accordance with time limits set.
  • Do not exceed word limits on essays, this does not get you extra marks.
  • Budget your time, ensure you have some time left to check your paper
  • If you have memorized any formulas etc. jot them down quickly and refer to it for answering your questions.

Tips for the end of exam

  • Check that you have answered all your questions
  • Written neatly and legibly
  • Check grammatical errors
  • Removed any notes or formulas as part of your brainstorming
  • Ensure your name and ID number is written on all pages including the cover page

Managing Anxiety of Sitting for Exams

  • Don’t panic- You have done exams before in high school!
  • Manage 1 unit/course at a time.
  • Don’t cram everything, as this will make you forget faster
  • Be well prepared in terms of resources (calculators, pens, and essentials)
  • Know your exam dates and times well!
  • Be confident as you have already done your course work and gained some marks that way.
  • Be disciplined during your study break to reap the rewards during the exam weeks.

Things to be mindful of;

  • Exam date and Time CHECK and NOTE!
  • Content to be covered in exams, as advised by your coordinators
  • Check for your course work marks as released by your lecturers so that you can plan your study that way.
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take one step at a time, don’t try to prepare for all 4 papers at once.

8 Principles of Time Management

  1. Determine what is urgent
  2. Don’t over commit and certainly not during exam week
  3. Make a plan for all revision
  4. Allow time for the unexpected during your study and exam weeks
  5. Create realistic plans for your study and include time to eat and relax too
  6. Minimize distractions like FB, Tiktok etc.
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