Post-Graduation Care

The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Service has embarked on a transformative journey with the goal in sight that we must benefit our students as best as we can.  For years, we have continued to sponsor/fund students, without ever providing a proactive level care once they complete and graduate.

The TSLS Post-graduation care services aim to provide sound guidance, and much needed assistance to our sponsored/funded students to ensure that we do not only support our students while they are studying, but beyond as well, while they search for employment.

The vision or the end goal is to continue providing our sponsored/funded students Learning support throughout their three to four years of academic journey and not stopping there. These students continue to need our support even after they graduate as they the face the actual challenge of finding employment.  

The Post-Graduation care team provides the following (but not limited to) in order to assist our graduates:

  1. Care sessions on the basics of job hunting
  2. Link graduates with potential employers
  3. Industry engagements

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Upcoming Post-Graduation Care Sessions (Graduates Only)

DateTimeTopic of DiscussionZoom Link
25-Apr-2410.00-11.00amInterview EtiquetteClick Here
Table of Upcoming Post-Graduation Care Sessions

If you are interested in attending the sessions face to face at the TSLS Learning Support Hub (Garden City, Raiwai), please drop an email to 24 hours before the session to confirm your spot!

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