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TSLS Probation Status Definition
  • The term Probation identifies with monitoring. This means, if you have failed to meet the academic requirements of sponsorship, you will be placed on a probationary period where we will monitor your results.
  • Whilst on probation, all tuition and allowances continue to be paid without being affected.
  • The grades for the term on probation are critical as this will determine sponsorship for the next term.
TSLS Suspension Status Definition
  • Suspension is only done after a student has been placed on probation and provided with a chance to improve in a previous academic term.
  • Suspension can be academic, or disciplinary.
  • Continuous underperformance this academic term, may lead to a suspension.
  • Suspension is purely at the discretion of TSLS, and it is a last resort if student is not performing despite being provided the relevant help.

Conquering the Struggles-identify your problems and work to conquer them!!

Procrastination- a thief of Time!
The 8 Principles of Time Management
  • Determine what is urgent
  • Don’t over commit
  • Make a plan for all assignment due dates and scheduled exams
  • Allow time for the unexpected
  • Handle assignments and quizzes, once, rather than leaving it for another time.
  • Create realistic deadlines
  • Develop a workable routine
  • Minimize distractions like FB, Tiktok etc.
Balancing the Study Life
Who to Contact at TSLS if you are facing issues coping with your studies?

Ms. Monisha Kumar

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For general queries and questions: mytsls@tsls.com.fj or 8921240